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Remember your sunscreen… especially you Facbook Kid

Reminder: Don't Practice One of These Summer Activities

Go out. Enjoy the weekend. Get itchy sand in your swimsuit. Go play doctor with some real people. But first, pass this along your Facebook friends. And add it to the list of reasons you should quit Facebook. [Thanks Robert!]

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The Facebook Fuss, Entertainingly Explained

I do have to admit that after deleting my account I feel this withdrawal.  I feel like I need to go create another login, to “connect” with my friends.  Although I can do this through email, TXT, Phone or (Gasp dare I say it) in person.  The one thing I keep coming to the conclusion is that this is a mindless trap that has ensnared so many of us that we are inebriated and drugged with the simply innocuous act of Facebooking.

Simply put we are giving away our personal information for a “sniff of powder” a.k.a. Facebooking.